Dobot Magician

An All-in-One STEAM Education Platform

An Intelligent Robotic Arm for Light Industry



Dobot Magician 


Basic Version : MRP RM5,950

Education Version : MRP7,400

What’s in the Packing Box

Magician – Basic Version

  • Magician Arm
  • 3D Printing Kit
  • Pneumatic Kit
  • Writing and Drawing Kit
  • Tool Package
  • Cable Set
  • Sensor Calibration Board
  • Quick Start Guide

3D Printing Kit : Extruder, Hot End, 3D Printing Filament Holder, Filament 200g, Masking Tape, Feed Pipe, Glass Plate

Pneumatic Kit : Pneumatic Gripper, Suction Cup & Joint 4, Air Pump Controller

Tool Package : Hexagon Screwdriver M1.5 M2 M2.5, Quick Fix Screw, Calibration Tool, Jackscrew × 2

Cable Set : Power Adapter, USB Cable

Magician – Education Version

 Basic Version +

  • Laser Engraving Kit
  • Joystick Control Kit
  • Bluetooth Module
  • Wi-Fi Module

Laser Engraving Kit : Laser Module, Laser Protective Glasses, Craft Liner Paper

Joystick Control Kit : USB Connector Host, Joystick

Dobot Magician Specification

Dobot Magician is a high-precision 4-axis multifunctional desktop robotic arm used in both education and industrial sectors. This compact, lightweight, and affordably priced robot comes packaged with writing and drawing kit, 3-D printer, laser engraver, gripper, and vacuum suction kit.

Equipped with the above-mentioned end tools that can be switched by just a twist, Dobot Magician can perform tasks including 3D printing, laser engraving, write and draw, and pick and move objects. 

It is precise, multi-functional and extendable. These features, together with the accessories that is included in the package makes it a cost-effective robot for use in automation of businesses.  It is also a great educational tool for every household to help children, and even adults, to develop an interest in artificial intelligence (AI), programming and robotics.

When performing repetitive actions, the precision is at an impressive 0.2mm, maintaining the industrial precision level. One illustration of this precision is the use of Dobot Magician at a mobile phone factory to test touch screen functions of phones. Another case is in the packaging of medicine strips into boxes.

With its feature of memory learning (teach and play) and the drag and drop coding blocks, no programming or coding skill is needed to operate Dobot Magician. On the other hand, an experienced user can use one of many main programming languages to control Dobot Magician.

Because of this flexibility, many educational institutions use the Dobot Magician as the perfect tool for STEAM education, especially in the teaching of Python, Java, and C++ programming.  In fact, it supports up to 20 programming languages.  It has been used in primary and secondary schools.  Renown tertiary educational institutions equipped their AI labs with Dobot Magician for practical training, for example, to illustrate control methods using gestures and voice.

Dobot Magician’s controller software Dobot Studio has integrated many features, and customizable parameters that allows for more flexible control of the robotic arm. It supports secondary development via 13 extensible interfaces.  With Dobot’s SDK and API, one can create ones own end-tools with sensors and switches. If the development is outside the scope of SDK, or if one wants to expand it into other platforms like PC, PLC and any other control system to control Dobot, one can use the underlying communication protocol to communicate with Dobot Magician directly, achieving advanced and customized development of application function.


Medicine Strip Production

Use case in Thailand.  The ROI for this setup is reported to be 6 months

Chinese Painting

Programmed via Teach & Play Feature.  2 Dobot Magicians working together

3D Printing

Using the 3D Printing Kit one can use it to 3D print end-effectors

Production Line

Volkswagen’s Education Production Line with Siemens PLC

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