Dobot Magician Lite

The Perfect K12 Platform for Students and Educators

Dobot Magician Lite


MRP RM4,950

What’s in the Packing Box

  • Magician Lite Arm
  • End Tools
  • Building Block Kit
  • Magic Box Controller
  • Power Box
  • Camera Kit
  • Work Mat
  • Tool Kit
  • Cable Set
  • Quick Start Guide

End Tools : Suction Cup, Soft Gripper, Pen Holder & Pen

Building Block Kit : Building Block, Block Pallet × 2

Tool Kit : 1.5mm Allen wrench, 2mm Allen wrench, 2.5mm Allen wrench, Set Screw

Cable Set : Power Adapter, USB Cable, Camera Kit USB cable, 4 Pin Power Cable x 2, 10 Pin Communication Cable

Dobot Magician Lite Specification

DOBOT Magician Lite is a multi-functional lightweight intelligent robotic arm that is designed to be the perfect K12 platform for students, and educators.  

This compact desktop robot arm comes with collision detection so that a young child can safely operate it.  Through the handheld teach and play feature and the drag and drop coding blocks, children without any programming or coding skill gets to enjoy playing with Dobot Magician Lite while discovering the power of programming and artificial intelligence (AI). 

For parents looking for educational toys, Dobot Magician Lite is affordable.  Dobot Magician Lite not only introduces the learning of AIto the children, it also fosters logical thinking and creativity.

For educators, Dobot Magician Lite is a powerful educational aid.   Many educational institutions have started introducing the concept of AI in their curriculum. Dobot Magician Lite has included some AI engines to aid in teaching. These are optical character recognition (OCR), Facial Recognition, Image Recognition and Voice Recognition. The programming is either via Scratch (DobotBlock) or Python.

Through building and playing, students can learn how AI, and mechanics work. Students work together as a team to address challenging tasks by designing, creating, and programming their own robots. By seeing the immediate results of their work, these students not only put what they have learned to rigid test, but also get to celebrate their unique talents and achievements. 

Magician Lite offers project-based teaching demos that are interactive, practical, and interest-oriented, aiming to foster children’s logical thinking, hands-on skills, and creativity. Such learning methodology allows students to learn teamwork and to be real world problem solvers.

Magician Lite enjoys numerous software, hardware, and expansion interfaces to power legions of miniature immersive application scenarios. This maximizes students’ freedom to create and help them to better understand how AI and robots work in real-life settings.

Features, Safety and Performance

Magician Lite is compact and only weighs 2.4kg, making it portable and easy to build an application scenario. With its collision detection feature, it is safe for young children to operate it.  Its repeatability positioning is 0.2mm, payload 0.25kg, and radius range 340mm. It supports a soft gripper, suction cup, pen grasper and other changeable end tools.  

Magic Box for Unlimited Capabilities

Magician Lite features an external controller called “Magic Box” that separates motion control algorithm to allow for more convenience in programming. The robot supports Bluetooth.  With its 12 expansion interfaces, it opens up unlimited applications to be built.  It provides students and educators with unlimited opportunities to explore, discover and create.  

Programming (Software)

No programming or coding skill is needed to operate Dobot Magician Lite. To get started, handheld teach & play feature can be used. It is both intuitive and interactive. With the new DobotBlock software platform, students can program, create games and animations by simply dragging and dropping coding blocks.  These blocks control the robot’s every move and students learn how AI works while exploring technology and having fun. 

For the programmers, python programming language can now be used. Interfacing with other programming languages is currently being developed.  


Teach & Play

Easing beginners into using robots with teach & play method with no coding or programming skill

Garbage Classification

Using the vision kit’s colour recognition, garbage classification is an example of real-life application

Smart Warehousing

AI applications used here are Optical Character Recognition (OCR), pick, sort and place object

Making Breakfast

The repeatability & precision of Magician Lite is illustrated in a real-life application of making breakfast

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