Collaborative SCARA Robot

Dobot M1

Introduction of Features

MRP RM25,000

What’s in the Packing Box

  • Dobot M1 Robot Arm
  • Emergency Stop Switch Kit
  • 4 Pin Connector
  • Network Cable
  • DB9 Serial Cable
  • PSU
  • Accessories

PSU : AC Power Cable, DC Power Cable, & Power Adapter;

Accessories : M3 × 10 Screws and 2.5mm Wrench



Dobot M1, the world’s first SCARA robot for small and medium-sized manufacturers to achieve robot-human collaboration, allowing affordable automation to be deployed. It is lightweight, fast, precise and extendible.

Weighing at only 17 kg, it is portable. With a speed of up to 2000mm per second, a  0.02mm repeatability and payload of up to 1.5kg, it is a perfect robot for lightweight automation tasks. that require high precision.  Equipped with collision sensors, it can also perform in tasks that require human-robot collaboration. With a reach of 400mm and a small base of 230mm x 175mm, its slim design allows it to be used where space is limited.

Dobot M1 studio software offers intuitive user-interface & supports graphical programming, teach and play and script control. These features save considerable time in programming and debugging.  It is also less demanding for operators without much programming skills to get started.

An advanced integrated controller within the robotic structure shortens deployment time as the set up is relatively easy and fast.  Together with its plug and play capabilities, deployment time can be greatly shortened.

Additional End-Effectors & Accessories (Optional)

Basic Suite : Gripper, Suction Cup and Air Pump Kit

Air Pump Kit : Air Pump, Air Tube, Pin Connector & Cables

Creative Suite : For 3D Printing, Laser Printing, and Drawing and Writing

3D Printing : 3D Printing Head, Printing Filament, Masking Paper, Connecting Cable

Laser Printing : Laser Head, Pin board, Lasing Protective Eyeglasses, Kraft Paper

Drawing & Writing : Pen Holder & Pen

Expansion Suite : DB15 Expansion, DB62 Expansion Board, DB62 Cable, 4-channel Switch Kit

Dobot M1 is multi-functional, with standardized easy to change heads.  It can be your 3D printer, laser engraver, soldering machine.  Fitted with Dobot’s vision kits, suction cups and gripper, it can be used for quality inspection, measurement, and template matching.  It can be customized with your printed circuit board (PCB) and secondary development  to build countless applications to fit your operation requirements.

Dobot M1 Specification


Sorting M&M Beans

Showcasing computer vision, speed and accuracy

Producing Bookmark

Together with Dobot Magician + PLC, fully automated process is achieved


Fitted with a soldering iron, precise soldering process can be automated

Conveyor Belt Operation

Sorting chewing gum on a conveyor belt, and pick & place chips using computer vision

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