A Safe Flexible Collaborative Robot

Dobot CR5

Introduction of Features

MRP 93,500

What’s in the Packing Box

  • CR5 Robot
  • CC161 Controller
  • Terminal Blocks
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • CR5 Calibration Hole Base Paper
  • Wireless Connector
  • Heavy-duty Cable
  • Power Cable
  • Quick Start Guide

Dobot CR5 Specification

Dobot CR5 is a 6-axis collaborative robot (COBOT) that was introduced in Q4, 2019. This high-end and compact robot arm weighs in at only 23 kg.  It does not occupy a big space and yet has a reach of 900mm, a high precision repeatability of ±0.03mm and can manage a payload of 5 kg. It can be fitted with compatible end-effectors as well as being integrated with secondary development to expand its functionalities.

As a collaborative robot, Dobot CR5 does not require a security fencing around it.  An additional safety feature can be fitted with a non-contact collision detection solution called the Dobot Safeskin. This optional solution is a 10 cm pre-touch sensing and 5ms real-time dynamic monitoring system that allows it to automatically avoid obstacle.  Human workers can, therefore, work safely in close proximity with this robot.

Being a cost effective collaborative robot, it allows businesses to have a fast return on investment. Installing Dobot CR5 is simple and quick, taking less than half an hour to set up and 1 hour to put into application.

No specific engineering or programming knowledge is needed to operate it.  Users can teach it with a single-handed guidance method through the manually controlled hand-hold teach method.  For beginners, there is the blockly programming method of drag and drop.  For professional users, they can use script programming language, LUA.

Dobot CR5 is equipped with 16 digital inputs, 16 digital outputs, 2 analog outputs, and 2 analog inputs with expansion possibilities.   Real-time control can be enabled through a mobile phone or tablet via Wi-Fi connection. 

Dobot CR5 works well with products from well-known manufacturers. For example, end effector Grippers from Schunk, Robotiq, Onrobot, DH Robotics; Vision system from Cognex, Microscan, HikVision and sensors from Onrobot, Robotiq, and Landian. This list is not exhaustive.


Driving in Screw on a Conveyor

Precision in motion in driving in a screw on a moving conveyor belt

Feeding Phone Screen

Affixing the phone screen to the phone require precision

Testing Wiring Harness

The plugging action requires a highly precise repetitive action

Making Coffee and Stopping

Safe to work alongside human as it stops automatically upon sensing obstruction

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