Introducing State-of-the-Art


Not too long ago, a mobile phone is used just to make calls. Nowadays, phones are more than just a phone. It is an all-in-one wallet, video camera, note taker together with a multitude of other applications for daily use.

With the advancement of AI and Robotics, almost everyone uses newer and cheaper technologies as part of their home and work lives. This brings about changes in the supply and demand for workers in the knowledge sector. We now facilitate future-proofing the workforce through robotic education.

In the push for adoption of IR4.0 by governments all over the world, the landscape has also changed in that it is now easier and cheaper to adopt new technologies.  AGCOE has a range of collaborative robots (COBOT) that operates alongside humans. At the same time, AGCOE offers teaching tools in the use of AI and Robotics for a new generation of tech-savvy workforce as well as to ease the workforce into the use of robots in their environment.

Avant Garde Center of Excellence Sdn Bhd (AGCOE) builds its business around AI and Robotics, both in the creation of solutions as well as working on talent development. Towards this end, UUROBOT Asia Sdn Bhd was established in collaboration with CANBOT. This company in Malaysia is the regional center for ASEAN nations to promote and add value to the range of CANBOT service robots, including research and development into future applications.

We must not forget that hackers are always lurking around to get control of data, systems and any connected device. AGCOE works closely with its affiliate, Duospark Resources, to provide cybersecurity solutions to clients.

AGCOE will continue to bring affordable state-of-the-art technologies for the education, hospitality, retail, and industrial sectors, making such technologies available to more people and businesses. These more affordable technologies that are currently utilized by conglomerates and giants of industries will help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to improve efficiency and be more competitive with the giants in their industries.

Affiliate Companies

UURobot Asia

UURobot Asia was set up to be a regional hub of ASEAN in Malaysia to market, service and assemble the CANBOT service robots for Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore and Vietnam in ASEAN. This will introduce higher degree of artificial intelligence learning in the ASEAN region and is expected to help accelerate adoption of Industry 4.0 especially in the areas of talent development, research and artificial intelligence.

Through UURobot Asia, CANBOT intends to form collaboration and Joint-development with industries to adopt AI and robotics.

Duospark Resources

Duospark Resources has been in operation since 2015 with the main business as a distributor of a range of enterprise level cybersecurity solutions in the region.

In addition, Duospark Resources also offer logistic solutions in the area of transport management system as well as personnel and asset management solution